Spat and Thaxel (the skunkape and bigfoot) as teenagers - by Kevin Johnson

Kevin’s working on his four page flashback sequence that will appear in chapter 2. Love this stuff. I think Spat may be my favorite character to look at in all the work we’ve done on this series so far. 

My first self-written comic and I’m already recycling visuals from my first comic collaboration back in 2011 with my buddy James. Tsk tsk

Son of Bigfoot's almost ready to launch. Just want to solidify my two chapter buffer before it gets going. Also getting my Patreon pitch video ready. Yeah comics!!!!

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Not “a” raven.

Not “the” raven.

Just “Raven.” This is Raven.

The little amount of art I’ve shared for Son of Bigfoot so far must look so random. There’s a method to the madness, I promise. Soon you will see…


It may have been quiet around here for a bit, but Son of Bigfoot is still on track to launch before summer’s end! Chapter 1 has been completed for a while now, and I’ve been busy behind the scenes, plotting and sketching and writing various portions of the later chapters as well as preparing the website.

These are the titles for all five parts of the story:

I: The Flip
II: The Loop
III: The Merge
IV: The Creep
V: The Reach

Each part will be told through a series of 20-page chapters (aka standard comic single issues). Right now Part I is clocking in at six chapters but that could end up expanding to seven or eight if the story beats need more breathing room.

Each chapter will be released monthly (or bi-monthly) for free at For fans there will be many ways available to show support. I’ll be launching a Patreon campaign when the first chapter is released, as well as an online shop with some sweet Son of Bigfoot merch. Of course, simply spreading the word is also a HUGE way to support this. I’ll be grateful for whatever traction this thing can get.

I cannot wait to show you this stuff. Stay tuned!

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Charlie X and the Original Five: Live at Salem Hall

Album Art by Josh Eckert

Concept by James F. Wright

Prints and more available at Society 6!

I don’t always do fan art, but when I do, it’s James’s idea, and it’s X-Men related. Also, in case you were wondering, yes, that is a SketchUp model of a piano in that rough sketch. I slapped it together when I got impatient. Don’t judge me. All the cool kids use SketchUp nowadays.

My 6-month old daughter Claire did some painting with her feet at the childcare center a while back. Lori hung it up in our kitchen and every time I looked at it I saw this Moebius-like scene playing out. 

So I drew it! Then colored it with a goache brush in Photoshop (thanks to one of Kyle Webster’s Ultimate Brush sets).

Who knew a 6-month old could have such a sharp eye for composition?


Early sketches of some characters that show up later in the story. 


This is hands down, the best animated short I’ve seen so far this year. 

It has a comedic charm/timing/brilliance that harkens back to Pixar’s Golden years.